* Duration is based on departure from Belize city.


Just a quick drive to the village of Bermudian Landing. There you will take a short hike through the forest searching for the illusive black howler monkeys. Once you have located the black howler monkeys you will hear them roar and come face to face with a member of the troop.  

The villagers of Bermudian Landing have coexisted peacefully with the black howler monkeys for as long as they can remeber. The most recent generation has tried to gain their trust and live even closer with these wild creatures. They had to invent imaginative ways to get the monkeys to come down from the canopy and mingle with them. After many years their innovation finally paid off! The monkeys have come to learn that we mean them no harm and now trust humans completely. This is the only place where this unique relationship can be enjoyed to the fullest!