Foodie cheat sheet.

Local cuisine everyone must try while in Belize.

  1. Dario’s meatpies. ( found at most gas stations in Belize City or tricycle carts down town)
  2. Fry jacks for breakfast. ( offered only during breakfast hours at any restaurant )
  3. Orange Walk Tacos. ( found in the town of Orange Walk or Coney Drive in Belize City)
  4. Fish empanadas. ( fish cooked and stuffed in a corn pattie)
  5. Conch fritters.
  6. Relleno. ( black soup)
  7. Gibnut. ( paca.)
  8. Hudut. ( fish cooked in a coconut milk soup served with green and ripe plantains)
  9. Grilled lobster ( the best grilled lobster on Caye Caulker is made at “Chef Kareem’s UnBelizeable Lunch”)
  10. Dukunu ( young corn grounded and cooked into shape of a pattie)
  11. Rice and beans ( rice cooked with coconut milk and stewed beans instead of water. The rice is a dry rice with beans mixed in it)
  12. Beans and rice ( the rice is cooked with coconut milk only. The stewed beans is put separate so that you can wet the white rice with it to your liking)
  13. Fruits: Sour sop, craboo, cashew fruit, mamey apple, custard apple, kenep.